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Toshiba laptop running too hot!

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3 years 6 months ago #1 by sergiopt04
Toshiba laptop running too hot! was created by sergiopt04
I have bought a 2015 Toshiba laptop, with an i7 5500 (mobile CPU) and it is running great, but when it comes to games it's a slouch, i was thinking of thermal throttle because while playing my legs were burning hot, to the point where I was getting burnt and it was hurting me, so after running AIDA64 Extreme, my doubts were confirmed, the CPU was getting up to a sweltering 95-100 Celsius before throttling and hampering performance.
I have some experience in dissassembly of laptops, since i've opened up 5 laptops and fixed them, but I'm afraid to open my 1000$ laptop and ruin it in the process.

The model is a Satellite S50-b-14Z, any help will be apreciated, I sent it to the shop and they're looking at about 50$ to open it up and see, if there's anything wrong, it will be even more expensive... I'm thinking the cooling fan and heatsink might be jammed with dust, since that happenned in an older Toshiba L500 I had opened. I've also heard the factory thermal paste is really bad and cheap. I'm thinking it's worth the shot to send it to the shop...
What do you think? If you have one of these laptops, or a similar one, please tell me if yours does that...
Looks like I should've kept my ThinkPad for a bit longer...

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3 years 6 months ago #2 by Martin
Replied by Martin on topic Toshiba laptop running too hot!
Sounds to me like you are on the correct trail, heatsink and fan requiring a clean out and some fresh good quality thermal paste. Have you searched YouTube to see if there is a guide to follow on dissasembly of that model? Ive not played with any Toshiba that have been made in the last 4-5 years but ive had a few of the older ones apart and they were pretty easy and straight forward. I done a few CPU upgrades in Pentium Dual Core to Core2Duo models.

The computer shop is a good bet to have it done if they have more experience but I would be checking to make sure they are using good quality thermal paste (maybe even supply your own)

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